“ Your Tale,     My Talent “

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  Sophos Intercept X

Sci fi Film 2018 Narration

The Day is Done by Henry Longfellow

Invictus by William Ernest Henly

Apperance & Reality by Bertrand Russell

Understanding the Human Mind by John Locke

Motiversity Plato Be Untouchable.

Poem Robert Frost The Road Not Taken Motiversity

RedFrost Motivation YouTube Charge of The Light Brigade.

Is Life worth Living Alfred Austin

I Am John Clare

Poignant story written By Brendan McGibbon & music composed By Brendan .Gustavs Ghost

Leonardo da Vinci's Quotes that tell a lot about ourselves and others | Life Changing Quotes

Plato: Be unbeatable

Albert Einstein Quotes

The Wanderer

The Happy Warrior

Motiversity warrior Quotes Anglo Saxon


Redfrost Isiah A Christian Message for Hard Times (Isaiah 58:6–10)

Irish VO for IVP Kids about St Patrick.

Poems Pints & Philosophy ( A Channel presented by) The Voice Wales



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